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Our Pygmy Goats

Our registered breeding female pygmy goats also known as Does and our registered stud males also known as Bucks (but for simplicity's sake I’m going to call them Billys) are CAE tested, now that the technicalities are out of the way let us tell you all about our loveable Pygmy goats.


Pygmy goats originating from West Africa are a miniature breed of domestic goat, they gradually became popular in US zoos, eventually attracting the attention of private breeders and becoming household pets as a result of their good-natured personalities. A Doe’s weight will vary between 53-75 lbs and a Billy’s weight between 60-86 lbs, castrated boys are known as Wethers.


Our gorgeous bouncy kids are registered, wormed and vaccinated and are sold disbudded but can be left horned if required.

Our Does and Billys are CAE tested, Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis virus is a persistent lentivirus infection affecting goats.


Our Pygmy goats are given the best start in life, from the care of the mother during pregnancy right up until the day they leave us, that being said I would never just let my little ones leave without offering any advice if needed and I will always be there to answer any questions if ever you are in doubt.

Here are a few helpful tips before you purchase any of our bundles of joy

Firstly you must have a County Parish Holding Number (CPH) before purchasing any of my kids, they are herd animals so must always be purchased or kept in pairs or more. All livestock must be tagged and registered (which mine are). The tag will have my herd number and a unique individual number, any movement must be accompanied by an Animal Movement Licence and then within 30 days you will need to attain your own unique herd number.

Our bouncy babies will require

Six monthly Lambivac vaccinations, a good worming regime, regular foot trimming, appropriate housing with suitable bedding, a grassy paddock, a concrete area for their feet and suitable play area all within secure fencing.

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Let's Meet The Studs

Rainbow Sampson

Born January 2011

Sire to many children

Rainbow Teddy

Born February 2013

Sire to many kids

Rainbow Robroy

Born April 2015

Anyone wishing to use our boys must have a CAE tested  Doe

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