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Our Coloured  Ryland Sheep

Ryeland sheep are well known for their exceptional quality of fleece and meat produce, they are very good natured and easy to handle. Ryeland sheep are amongst the oldest of the established british sheep and are native to Herefordshire, a coloured Ryeland sheep can be produced from a Ryeland sheep and contain no white genes and when bred together will still produce a coloured sheep. Fleece colours can include anything from pale silver to black in various different shades, occassionally a fawn or a dark brown colour. Female coloured ryelands (Ewes) produce strong lambs and are amazing mothers. 

We now have 14 Ewes and 3 Breeding Males

Our Coloured Ryelands like all coloured ryelands are naturally polled (they have no horns), they have very good wool and produce very good meat lambs. They are vaccinated, wormed, tagged and registered. We also sell wethers for pets and/or lawn mowers. Here are a few handy tips if you would like to purchase any of our loveable fluffballs: 


Firstly you must have a County Parish Holding Number (CPH) before purchasing any of my sheep. All livestock must be tagged and registered (which mine are). The tag will have my herd number and a unique individual number, any movement must be accompanied by an Animal Movement Licence and then within 30 days you will need to attain your own unique herd number. My sheep are vaccinated annually with Heptavac P Plus and will require a good worming regime. A good prevention of fly strike is required along with regular foot trimming.

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Ladies ... Allow me to introduce my boys

Montgomery Talisman

Born in 2013 - Father to many lambs



Newwoods Vice

Born in 2015 - Son of Montgomery Talisman



Montgomery Valliant

Born in 2015



This is Newwoods Venus 

She is one of our Ewe lambs born in 2015, daughter to Montgomery Talisman.

Showing our Coloured Ryelands

Here are just some of our prizes from well known sheep shows

Some prizes include - 


Montgomery Talisman - Best of breed in short wool, downland group, Cranleigh 2015 & 3rd Ryeland national show, Tenbury 2015


Newwoods Venus - Reserve female champion lamb Norfolk 2015 & reserve champion to her dad at Cranleigh 2015


Newwoods Vice - 1st Ram Lamb class, Cranleigh 2015

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