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Coloured Ryelands 2016

One of our lambs was born and started walking on her knuckles, we believe this is because of how she was laid with her twin whilst she was inside of her mummy

Here's what we did

First we had to catch her :) 

Then we had to use cotton wool to provide padding behind her knuckle, then we added some lolli sticks (so that she couldn't bend them) with extra padding (so they didn't rub) and then we strapped them up with bandages. We needed to change these every one - two days to prevent irritation, eventually one leg was fine but the other leg took a little while longer. 

Catch me if you can

First we had to catch her every 1-2 days to change the dressings, even if it's raining



Then we needed to go into the barn to keep dry



Nice and dry

It didn't take long for her to be able to walk properly



Good as New




Good as New

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